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Thesis - Campus Access Only

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Jerusha Beckerman

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Denisha Jones


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are an epidemic in our society. In 2021 alone, an estimated 600,000 children in the United States experienced abuse or neglect, with 90.6% of all reported cases documenting one or both parents as the perpetrator (HHS, 2023). As educators, we play an important role in preventing and mitigating the effects of ACEs in our students. When a child’s home life is unstable, schools and teachers are the next line of defense. Throughout the United States, schools are the constant; they are a universal provider even in areas that otherwise have limited access to support. Schools are the closest thing we have to an equalizing and unifying protective factor against ACEs. In my thesis, I work to give teachers concrete examples of the effects of trauma as they appear in classrooms, and then suggest a broad approach to trauma-informed teaching. Using curb-cut theory as a guide, I propose that when we take strategies that are designed to accommodate children who have experienced trauma, and apply them to all students, everyone benefits.