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Thesis - Open Access

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Jerusha Beckerman


The lack of agency available to minoritized children in the classroom is indicative of systemic racism in education. Opposing this structural issue necessitates a multi-dimensional love ethic that is capable of transcending the classroom and breaking from the history of exclusion observed in this country. This research aims to contribute to that reality by creating a foothold for the radical imaginary of what education could become. Outlining this segregation by experience across the ecological systems of a child’s life, the project begins with an examination of recent research in conjunction with current events. Then, in looking at the chrono and macrosystems, the project discusses the issue as it has developed throughout history and across policy. It concludes with research on teacher agency and a celebration of real-world classroom practices that promote childrens’ agency at school. The hope of this work is to give context to a societal issue in order to prepare our community to take the steps towards a new north star, sparking a revolutionary progression towards freedom.