Mothering, Reimagining & Starfishing: A Radical Way Forward

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Fall 10-15-2020


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Activist Jodie Patterson introduces the concept of front-loading Mothering as a proactive strategy for building better, stronger, more cohesive communities. Jodie Patterson is a mother of 5, author and a globally recognized LGBTQIA activist. As a public speaker, Ms. Patterson uses her platform to discuss topics of radical parenting, identity, and gender. When her son announced at the age of 3 “Mama, I’m not a girl. I am a boy” she set out to inform herself, shift her own bias and change the way her community understood gender. Patterson chronicles this journey in her memoir, The Bold World: A Memoir of Family and Transformation. Ms. Patterson was elected Chair of the Board of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, and works closely with the organization’s Parents for Transgender Equality Council. She sits on Mount Sinai’s Institute for Health Equity Research Task Force, is on the Advisory Board of the Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project, and serves as a key advisor to Mount Sinai’s pioneering Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. In 2012, Ms. Patterson was chosen as one of Dell Computers’ “Dell Inspire 100”—a select group of world changers in the fields of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, education, and media. In 2017, she was appointed by the United Nations as a Champion of Change for her advocacy work. And in 2019, she was awarded Most Influential Mother of the year by Family Circle Magazine. Jodie Patterson lives in Brooklyn where she co-raises her children with love, education and family solidarity.

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