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Thesis - Open Access

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MA in Child Development


Child Development Graduate Program


In recent years, Ghana has made strides to meet international mandates for early childhood education. With the implementation of the Early Childhood Care policy in 2004, Ghana has made attempts to provide holistic care for children 0-8 years. This thesis will be two-fold: the first part will consist of the progress Ghana has made in the years since the policy’s implementation in getting children ready for primary(grade) school. The second portion of the thesis is a proposal to the Government of Ghana (specifically, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Ministry of Education) on a preschool approach novel to Ghana that will meet the needs of the modern Ghanaian child. The thesis will provide an overview of the current preschool system in Ghana based on extensive research on the strategies that are in place to meet this goal. The thesis will attempt to analyze the complex challenges and gaps of the current educational policies and practices in place. Based on the information gathered, the thesis will include a progressive preschool model that utilizes the Developmental- Interaction model of education with a social services component that has the needs of the family central in its focus.