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Thesis - Open Access

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MA in Child Development


The role of a pediatric hospital social worker is very unique and the job requires a different skill set than do jobs for social workers who work outside the hospital. This thesis will provide a literature review on the history of hospital social work, hospital social work skills, social work roles and the effects of long-term hospitalization on children’s development. This thesis will include a discussion of the author’s experience interning as a pediatric hospital social worker, as well as a comparison between the role of a child life volunteer and that of a pediatric hospital social work intern. Additionally, this thesis will include descriptions of the author’s personal experience of supervision and support while working as a pediatric hospital social work intern and of the training given prior to entering the field. Finally, this thesis will include suggestions for future training. The hope is that this thesis will provide those going into the field of social work and other medical professionals an overview of the role of a pediatric hospital social worker.

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