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Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

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MSW/MA Social Work and Child Development

First Advisor

Barbara Schecter

Second Advisor

Colin Estrellado


The pandemic affected many different aspects of family life, including children’s education. This thesis will explore the experiences of preschool children ages 3-4 over 2020 and 2021 through interviews with both teachers and parents from the beginning of the pandemic through the current time of spring 2022. The first section addresses how teachers interviewed felt about the use of online education in a preschool setting and examines the different factors that either promoted or hindered student participation and teachers’ feelings about the past two years. The second section considers how parents felt about their and their child’s experience with remote preschool learning, what they felt worked or didn’t work, and how they felt supported or not supported by the preschool administrators and teachers. Both of these perspectives will be analyzed for similarities and differences of thinking. The goal of this thesis is to understand how online preschool education was perceived by two of the main parties involved, and how it might be improved upon in the future if it is necessarily to switch to remote schooling again.

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Psychology Commons