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Thesis - Open Access

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MFA in Dance

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Peggy Gould


This research focuses on two specific political critiques of capitalism and neoliberalism, one by Terry Eagleton through his analysis of Marxism and the other by Pierre Bourdieu with his commentary on the state of globalism and the role of the intellectual. Supporting thought comes from the writing of Bill Bissell, Linda Caruso Haviland, Judith Butler and Jill Dolan concerning the qualities and culture of performance. Engaging with these voices is an attempt to deepen the discussion in the dance field around “postmodernism” and, in turn, the role of the dance artist in an increasingly complex and problematic global market. Although the philosophical foundation to the research appears large in scope, the hope is to funnel the wide-ranging data generated from being in discussion with these sources to a more granular level in order to glean applicable thinking models for both dancers and the public.

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