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Thesis - Open Access

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MFA in Dance

First Advisor

Peggy Gould


Establishing neutrality through Somatic work can enhance the mind-body connection through gradual and successive shifts to improve alignment. The connection and interdependence of joints and muscles can be stimulated by the propulsion of stepping or moving into alignment, while the body is in motion. To stream the flow of energy as the body is interpreting this form of release, can be described as Somatic continuity. My research utilizes a cognitive connection through Somatic work to manipulate imbalance and inflexibility, moving with understanding of the body’s temper or elasticity that acts as a counterbalance and can be measured through motion. The differences between hardness and elasticity can influence and stimulate how the body can through motion benefit function. Initiating integration through Somatic work may increase understanding of how imbalance and inflexibility can disturb the body's orientation, equilibrium, verticality and contact with the extent of the surface. While the body is moving, connecting to its full range of motion, articulation through function is lucid. Discussion of intimacy and contemplative intervals as features of Somatic work contribute to insights achieved throughout the research process. Primary texts in functional anatomy for dance have inspired this thesis, which proposes that physical cognition of the skeleton and the apparatus of joints and muscles can establish an improved sense of the body's energy and elasticity.