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Thesis - Open Access

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MS in Dance/Movement Therapy

First Advisor

Elise Risher


This thesis explores the correspondence between dance/movement therapy and Confucian body philosophy. It is inspired by the author’s embodied experiences during her study in the field of dance/movement therapy in America while holding the identity as an international student who came from Taiwan. Because of the cultural differences, the author experienced a learning curve in understanding theories that are mostly developed in Western society. Through embodying foreign principles, the author pursues various perspectives in implementing American ideology while having a greater sense of her Taiwanese self. In these embodied experiences, three significant themes arise when paralleling Confucian body philosophy and dance/movement therapy theories. The body-heart/body-mind connection, the understanding of qi/energy, and the heart-qi-shape’s connection are highlighted in this thesis. Cultural differences can have the possibility to enrich the dance/movement therapy field, and discovering diverse cultural practices should be explored.