Марк Слоним и его педагогическая деятельность в Колледже Сары Лоуренс в США (Mark Slonim at Sarah Lawrence College)

Melissa Frazier, Sarah Lawrence College


The article presents the story of Marc Slonim’s more than twenty-five-year affiliation with an American institution of higher learning uniquely devoted to progressive education. The author outlines the teacherly qualities that Slonim demonstrated well before his move to the U.S. prompted his career in higher education, as well as his reliance on communicative skills and emotional intelligence long before these topics became a focus of academic research. The problem of being aware of one’s pedagogical inclination is stated using the example of Slonim – an educator by nature who became aware of it only when he started teaching. The facts of Slonim’s biography indicate family educational traditions in Russia in the early XX century, while the archival documents cited in the paper are of textual and source study interest.