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Thesis - Open Access

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MS Human Genetics


Women’s History Graduate Program


Prenatal cell-free DNA (cfDNA) screening is now offered to pregnant women of all risk categories, creating a challenge in providing informed decision-making on a broad scale. Resources to support patient education, such as short educational videos, have been created to help ameliorate this issue but have not been formally evaluated. Thus, we sought to investigate the utility of videos in educating women about prenatal cfDNA screening and whether there were differences in knowledge and/or attitudes after viewing a video created by a non-profit genetics organization (Video A) versus a similar video created by a commercial testing company (Video B). Participants were asked to view one of the two videos and complete a survey assessing take-home messages, knowledge, attitudes, and demographics. A total of 207 individuals participated in the study; 106 viewed Video A (Group A) and 101 viewed Video B (Group B). Mean knowledge scores for both groups indicated sufficient education by their respective videos; however, Group A scored significantly higher (mean = 9.40) than Group B (mean = 8.99) (p =

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