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Thesis - Open Access

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MS Human Genetics


Human Genetics Graduate Program


This study examines the opinions and usage of Noninvasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) by genetic counselors (GCs). One hundred and three GCs were surveyed regarding their current practice involving NIPS, their opinion on offering it to all patients regardless of a priori risk, and their thoughts on future implications of the screening test. A significantly greater number of GCs are offering NIPS to all patients and believe in the implementation of universal NIPS, or NIPS for any patient no matter their risk, relative to a similar sample surveyed in 2015. Discordance between practice and belief remains an issue. Now more patients are being offered NIPS with a microdeletion panel. Favoring universal NIPS was negatively associated with number of years in practice as well as the percentage of their patients insured through government funding. The most common qualitative response from both those who do and do not believe in the use of NIPS universally concerned the clinical validity of NIPS compared to other screening techniques. There remains no consensus among GCs on how to best utilize NIPS: for what indications, for which conditions, in conjunction with other evaluations of pregnancy.

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