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WRIT 3332, Building a Better Matrix

Faculty Member

David Hollander



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While writers and editors and publishers all across our great novel-reading republic have sought to dissuade any and all literary efforts to commune with the COVID-19 outbreak (suggesting that it would be simultaneously gauche and tedious to chronicle this Moment via the edifice of books), it turns out that an entire catalog of COVID-19 novels already exists and has always existed, awaiting this juncture in space-time to reveal itself to a hungry (and restless) reading public. Herewith, then, we present a cross-section of that very catalog, a small sampling of those books that we presume (as we must) exist within humanity’s ever-expanding library, replete with hope and despair, tragedy and comedy, loss and redemption… the full palette of human feeling and experience. While we continue our efforts to cross-reference these offerings with more widely available library databases, we delay no further in presenting our findings to posterity, to a future which we hope will judge us kindly.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

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A Partial and Official Library Catalog of Potential COVID-19 Literature