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Nicholas Reksten, Economics of the Ecological Crisis



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In the last century, the rise of the globalized economy has come at a tremendously high ecological cost. The global economy’s dependency on the burning of fossil fuels has caused potentially cataclysmic and irreversible climate change. Renewable energy technologies have the ability to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to better protect the planet from impending climate chaos, it is necessary to utilize and encourage increased installation of available renewable energy technologies. Institutions of higher education have a unique opportunity to become leaders in sustainable development. This project proposes the implementation of solar technology, radiator covers, and power-producing exercise machines on the Sarah Lawrence College campus to increase energy efficiency, campus sustainability, and environmental awareness.

Sustainability on college campuses is crucial to educate and prepare the future leaders of a world fraught with the effects of anthropogenic climate change. It is critical that university and college campuses are at the forefront of the transition to renewable energy sources. Sarah Lawrence College has a responsibility to its students, community members, and the planet to adopt environmentally conscious practices to address the reality of climate change in the 21st century. As SLC graduates disperse into the world, their communities will continue to be affected by the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. Thus, it is of equal importance for SLC to inspire and challenge students environmentally as it is to do so intellectually. By receiving a solid basis of environmental education and participating in widespread campus sustainability practices, graduates will have the tools needed to thrive in the world.

Publication Date

Spring 2016



Generating Renewable Energy on Sarah Lawrence's Campus