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Michelle Hirsh, Global Change Biology



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As a campus that has great concern for environmental issues, it is important to find ways in which to engage both students and faculty in working towards a greener campus. The addition of a green roof or biowall to Sarah Lawrence College would be an amazing opportunity to begin building a more eco-friendly community. Green roofs alleviate environmental stressors while a biowall will increase indoor air quality and productivity. Not only do green roofs and biowalls help curb effects of pollution both indoors and out, but either would be an opportunity for continued research into the effects of green technology. With ample flat roof space across campus as well as having the LEED certified Heimbold Visual Arts Center, building a green roof and/or biowall would both guide Sarah Lawrence into a green movement while providing an opportunity for the community to work together towards a greener goal.

Publication Date

Spring 2016



Sprouting Roots at Sarah Lawrence College