As of May 2015, all Sarah Lawrence College Master’s theses are available digitally. They are made accessible in one of three ways:

1. “Thesis – Open Access” – If the document type in the metadata reads “Thesis – Open Access,” the thesis is available to download immediately via the Download button on the right. NOTE: If a thesis is embargoed for a specific length of time, the date after which the item will be available via open access is noted under the Download button on the right.

2. “Thesis – Campus Access Only” – If the document type in the metadata reads “Thesis – Campus Access Only,” the thesis is available only on the campus of Sarah Lawrence College via IP address or via the Off-Campus Download button if you are a current SLC faculty, staff, or student. You will need your MySLC login and password to access from off-campus.

3. “Thesis – Closed Access” – If the document type in the metadata reads “Thesis – Closed Access,” access to the thesis requires written permission from the author.

If you are not a member of the Sarah Lawrence College Community and you are interested in access to a “Campus Access Only” thesis, please contact the author (if the Contact Author button is available on the right) or request the item through Interlibrary Loan from your local librarian. For additional questions, please contact

Copyright for theses is held by the authors.


Theses from 2023

Blue Light: Stories, Zoe Aarts

The Treasure of El Ciervo, Jonathan Beer

The Poetry of Stars, Alejandra Bello Thomas

Pratfalls for Nobody, Hrannar Björnsson

The Dead Mom Gang: Essays on Grief, Love, and Girlhood, Alexandra Borden


The Nameless, William Cagle

The Tree, Anna Cain

Restraint, Gemma Clarke

Anxiety and Other Mythologies, Zachariah Claypole White

Eddy Line, Kevin Cole

Breed, Jessica D'Ambrosio

It Doesn't Get Hot in the Bay, Melissa Dittrich

Drybloom, Holly Dyer

Childhood Living, Colleen Flaherty

Consider the Yearning, Jeanne-Marie Fleming

Haha, anyways..., Makayla Gay

In A Language I Do Not Speak, Anni Glissman

Heiress to Green, Madisen Gummer

The Window, Lee Hittner-Cunningham

Lest We Forget, Deaundra Jackson

Lest We Forget, Deaundra Jackson

Quiet Life, Small Harvest, Anya Johnson

A Good Girl, Dara Kapoor

Sheer: A Novel, Vanessa Lawrence

To Be Whole, Allison Lax

The Stone Fruit Tree, kristine marx

I Can See My House From Here, Francisca Matos

Anatomy of the World, Celia Meade

Said Another Way, Tangela Mitchell

Bester Wrook, Nora Obeid

Body Language, Sophia Ortega

Yalda's Yield, Arielle Pahlavan


Ceaseless and Counterfeit, R M. Perez-Padilla

One Summer, I Saw You Every Day, Anthony Ringuette


Tranimal, Maysam Seraji


Four Magically Interspersed Stories, Aviad Shely


Gone for a While, Akhir Stewart

Our Easy Lifetimes, Joseph Sullivan

Abroad: A Memoir of Obsession, Haley Swanson

Fear the Air You Breathe, Kayla Tenhouse

Forrest, Kristen Michelson Vogel

i promise to find you in every lifetime, Tori Walters

The Senator’s Son, Jeffrey Williamson

The Senator’s Son, Jeffrey Williamson

Theses from 2022

Sometimes I Imagine My Country Is Mine, Yusra Amjad


Memoir in Progress, Lily Andrews


Tree Clingers, lily arnelll

Megachurchatopia, Josiah Berger

If Not, Yours, Amanda Brauchler

Perennials, Brynne Calleran and Brynne Calleran


The World Is Strangely Still, Joseph Coleman

A History of Witches, Jacob Davenport

On Silence, Mia Innocenti

Not A Triumph Story, Devi Jagadesan


Saraswati on a Sunday Morning, Kuhu Joshi

Burned, Nathan King

The Aftertaste, Daria Lavelle

Skunk Cabbage, Eloise Lindblom

The Story of Girls, and Others, Stories, Barbara Lock

Forty Weeks and Stories, Rachel Mann


Bitch Your Life Is Not A Movie, Aléna Muir

Coping with Such Significant Matters, Jessica Pavia


Virginia, Lucy, And Me – A Reclamation of Women Writers, Janet Pfeffer


Empty Casino, Amanda Pumarejo

Think, Understand, Smile, Chinmay Rastogi

Each Day, Enough Trouble and Other Stories, Tessa Ellison Rossi

Fake Tattoos, Sophia Safdieh


Wide Open Spaces and Close-minded People, Mackenzie Sanders

My Zeidy He Was Once A Cat, Akiva Schick

The Shades of Night, Cynthia Schmidt

I Found Me, Kritiksha Sharma Ms

Scapegoat, Yardyn Shraga

Lucky Charms and Other Stories, Erin Swanson

The Autobiography of a Mary Sue, Kimberly Terasaki

How the Body Is, Emily Tuttle

Bubblegum Hearts, Alex Wikoff

Theses from 2021


Sahkra Abuse & The Postmortem Art Movement, Catherine Adler-Josem

Lake Stories, Thomas Alameda

Late March, Alexandra Beers


Cemetery Study, Dani Bormes

Downfalls: A Memoir, Casey Canright


Small Planet, Margaret Davidson

At the Living Center, Katherine Dye

Little Escapes, Nathaniel Eakman

Substance of Light, Hilary Gilford


Our Hidden Creatures: A Collection of Short Stories, Skylar Guidroz

Rise Over Run, Erin Healy

Forests, Fairy Tales & Nightmares, Wendy Holmes


Cicada, Katie Kopacz

All The Danger We Came From, Tabitha Limotte

Black and Blues: A Memoir in Essays, Terri Linton

Thesis in Two Parts: 1. The Phoenix Papers 2. Tools of Consequence, Bonnie Lykes


Girls Have Sharp Teeth and Other Stories, Genevieve Mills


Dust Baptism, James O'Leary


Brain Garden, Cara Peterhansel

_________., Appeikumoh Porbeni

Daughters of Sand and Stars, Taylor Roghair

Things I Have Turned Into Rivers, Emily Stout

Peach Blossom Flight, Laura Wang