As of May 2015, all Sarah Lawrence College Master’s theses are available digitally. They are made accessible in one of three ways:

1. “Thesis – Open Access” – If the document type in the metadata reads “Thesis – Open Access,” the thesis is available to download immediately via the Download button on the right. NOTE: If a thesis is embargoed for a specific length of time, the date after which the item will be available via open access is noted under the Download button on the right.

2. “Thesis – Campus Access Only” – If the document type in the metadata reads “Thesis – Campus Access Only,” the thesis is available only on the campus of Sarah Lawrence College via IP address or via the Off-Campus Download button if you are a current SLC faculty, staff, or student. You will need your MySLC login and password to access from off-campus.

3. “Thesis – Closed Access” – If the document type in the metadata reads “Thesis – Closed Access,” access to the thesis requires written permission from the author.

If you are not a member of the Sarah Lawrence College Community and you are interested in access to a “Campus Access Only” thesis, please contact the author (if the Contact Author button is available on the right) or request the item through Interlibrary Loan from your local librarian. For additional questions, please contact

Copyright for theses is held by the authors.


Theses/Dissertations from 2018

A Year at the Harvard COOP, Rachel Banks

Is It True Wet Birds Do Not Fly At Night?, Kristen Brunelle-Powell

Raven Hiking 1,000 Miles on the Appalachian Trail With Double Vision, Lisa Cohen


THESIS IN FULL BLOOM: A MEMOIR, Corinne Patrice de Palma

You’ve Heard This Part Already, Kate Devine

An Amalgamation for Sonder, Marie Lo Duca

Nations For My Daughter, Christina J. Gonzalez


Searching for Margaret, Jane Gordon

Excerpts from Thankful, Joseph Heiland

In Her Absence, Nusrat Hossain

Urkontinent, Maxwell Jaffe

devotional, tara jayakar

Who the Earth is For, Leah Johnson

Possibilities, Victoria McKinley Johnson

Thesis Portfolio, Riley Krembil

Oak’s Bluff, Michael A. LaChance

Harris Lahti’s Thesis, Harris Lahti

How to Win a Fight: A Compilation of Short Stories And the First Chapter of a Novel, Michael Lang

Mental Amphibians, Kevin Lankes

Onward, Paige S. Lockard

THE PARASITE'S MARK, Patrick Lofgren

Skinned: A Collection of Family Stories, Ashley Lopez

Grow, Alice Maglio

A Collection: Thesis Portfolio, Tsahai Makeda (Wright)

Mahalath, Ashley Mayne

Blow, Fish, Paul D. Mooney


The Miracle on 98th Street, Natasha Nesic

HOW IT ENDS, Abigail Oswald

VESTIGE: I Chapters One, Two, and Three, Niyati Patel


Players, Philip Probasco

The Pedigree of Honey, Davian Roberts

Eternal Reflections – Extended Play, Deidre E. Robinson

Cross Country, Cody Ross Romero

Blood Work, Kevin Salvaggio

L.A. JESUS, Brent Sayder

Root System, Danielle Shuster

MIDRASH, Onyinyechi Chidinma Ukegbu

Collected Stories, Annie Werner

Book of Special Things, Erica Youngren

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Tail the Devil, Devin Adams

Little Astronaut, Maryann Aita

Greyhound Americans, Juan Alvarado

Go Where I Go, Melanie Anagnos


Every Man Drowns Differently, Isabel Anreus

Latchkey, Rachel Aydt


Excerpt from The Other Side of the Wall, Mary Beehm

Darkness Visible, Will Borger

SomewhereinAmerica, Keyera Bowens

Mothers Know, Marcia Bradley

The Uncanny and the Real, Sarah Jane Cody

The Seamstress, Jennifer Elizabeth Coon


The Daughter of a Habit, Rachel Corso


Other People’s Miracles: Collected Essays About Faith, Love, Loss and Life, Catherine Donovan


Phototaxis and Other Stories, Alexandra Fields


Phototaxis and Other Stories, Alexandra Fields

Beneath Her Skin: A Collection of Vampire Stories, Morgan Glass

Hour Of The Swinging Door, Emma Greer

Women Country, Jordan Hanson

TILT: A LIFE OFF AXIS, Rogers Hartmann

Growing Up to Wonder, Kristin Herren

Errance: Travelling About Without Any Clear Destination, Derek Joseph

Cascadoora, Daria Lindsay Lewis

5000 STORIES, Patricia Duane Lichtenberg

The Ocelot, Taylor B. Mayfield

The Definition of Insanity, Mary Mellon

Strange Strangers, Nathan Moseley


Some Sunny Day & Banshee Sunrise, Matt Muehring

The Incredible Adventure of Grace Finley, Seventh Grader, Renee Nebens

Sandwich, Yellow, Kangaroo: A Collection of Memories, Tania Pabon

What Goes Unsaid: An Essay Collection, Rachel Parsons

The Rabbit Matchmakers and Other Stories, Andrew Spencer Phillips


O: If The Brain Is Skin Folded In, Regina Marie Pistilli

Traction, And Other Concerns, Christine Quattro

Like Something Missing, Christina Raus

We’re Not Okay, Samantha Paige Rosen


White Weeds, Hilary Marie Scheppers

Object, Elizabeth Schmidt

I'm The Jeff Gordon Of Poetry, Max Schramel

The Sonneteer Was Here, Sreshtha Sen

Hooves For Hands, Sakshi Shrivastava

Out From The Shelter, Andrea M. Sidor

Fallacy of Composition, Luke Silver

Pleasure Garden, Elizabeth Sochko

Find Yourself, Allison Sofer

Helen, Julia Sonenshein

Small Disasters, Julia Sternberg

Still Life Before the Sound, Theresa Sullivan

Junoon And Other Short Stories, Chesta Wadhwani

The Good Sky, Suzanne Weiss

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

A Life Lost, Desiree Arlene Alcalá


The Last Thing, Alex Baldassare


Cooking In Jerusalem, Aaron Berkowitz

Stone Fruit and the Black Imagination, Erica Cardwell

(internally screaming), Nina Chiappetta

sV3DkA<3r, Julia Cipriano

Three Stories, Seth Croft


The Off Season: Profiles of Local Cape Codders, Skye Davis

Body Hymns, Sarah Dean