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This is a linked short story collection exploring the themes and characters of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. The setting is modern day London, wherein the Lost Boys are a gang of teenage orphans, led by Peter Pan. Their rival gang is the Pirates, comprised largely of older, adult men. Peter meets Wendy, a studious middle class girl from a happy family, and starts spending much of his time with her, to the chagrin of his best friend Tink, who is wealthy but has few friends outside of Peter. This portion of the thesis ends with a Greek chorus-style musing from the mermaids. Each story treads the same general plot points, each taking on new meaning of the story (and the other characters involved) through different unique viewpoints. Following the Peter Pan stories are two other selected short stories: one about two male hustlers trying to survive in Portland, Oregon and another about the first son of the United States as he comes to terms with various relationships in his life.

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