If Not, Yours

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Thesis - Closed Access

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MFA in Writing

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David Ryan


After being attacked by vampire, seventeen-year-old Frankie Jung is kicked out of his home and left to move in with the vampires who saved his life. In a new school, in a new town, with a new identity, Frankie must unlearn humanity in order to figure out what parts of his past he gets to keep, and what he must throw away.

As Frankie attempts to learn how to be a vampire, he meets Jamie and Nino—two classmates of his who happen to be dating and take him under their wings. From Jamie and Nino, Frankie learns how to have fun, how to reconcile his past and future, and what falling in love with two people at once feels like.

Frankie ultimately learns that he does not have to throw away his entire history in order to have a new future—he can tend to his own pain, let go of what no longer serves him, and keep what he loves.

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