The Story of Girls, and Others, Stories

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Thesis - Closed Access

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MFA in Writing

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David Ryan


Threads of surrealism and speculation twine through the twelve short, fictional stories collected in Barbara Lock's thesis. In "Cooks and Delivery Men,: which was published in Superstition Review, three restaurant workers and their father imagine alternative lives while working through the COVID pandemic. In "The Cyanotype," which was published in STORY, a stroll through an art museum triggers a woman's false, constructed memories and hallucinations about her family. In "The Story of Girls," a journalist who is faced with an unwanted pregnancy considers the services of a witch. In "Paper Birds," an artist's recollection of her first exposure to sexual desire reveals uncomfortable truths about her state of psychic unrest. Barbara Lock, MD, an emergency physician who teaches Narrative Medicine at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, has 14 published pieces as of April, 2022, across fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. There's more about her at barbaralock.com.

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