What is Digital Commons?

Digital Commons is a suite of tools and services that enables institutions to manage, display, and publish scholarship and creative work to the web in a beautiful, highly visible online showcase. Digital Commons is the leading hosted institutional repository (IR) platform. With Digital Commons, Sarah Lawrence College can collect, preserve, and make visible all of its intellectual and creative output, including master's theses and capstones, student publications, and faculty work including conference presentations.

What is an Institutional Repository?

An institutional repository is a type of digital library that preserves and makes accessible original research, creative work, and other intellectual property generated by the College’s faculty, students, and staff.
DigitalCommons@SarahLawrence is maintained by the Sarah Lawrence College Library. It offers an opportunity to increase visibility of the scholarly and creative works created at Sarah Lawrence College. Based on the principle of Open Access, the repository is discoverable by Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines.
If you have questions about submissions to DigitalCommons@SarahLawrence or other inquiries, contact digitalcommons@sarahlawrence.edu.