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Fall 2017

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IPA/USA E-Journal


The authors conducted a participatory action community-based research project that included the development, implementation and evaluation of 36 Community Adventure Play Experiences (CAPEs) in a variety of communities in the United States and abroad. In CAPEs, the emphasis is on free play created by children using “loose parts” that are readily available in their communities such as cardboard boxes, tires, fabric, recyclables, sand, wood, and water. During these play experiences children use their imaginations, and take the initiative to collaborate and problem-solve with found materials. Play facilitators ensure a safe physical and emotional space and assist children in their play as directed by the children. The authors studied CAPEs in rural, urban and peri-urban settings in the United States, Tanzania, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. As part of the investigation, they interviewed 225 caregivers and teachers in the United States, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe for information about their perceptions of CAPEs.

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