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I have based my views on my l953-97 experiences as a preschool teacher, administrator, and consultant—in cooperative preschools, Head Start programs, a college lab school, and child day care centers, including special education classrooms. Children in these settings have come from diverse economic and ethnic homes and neighborhoods. Staff members in centers for severely disabled children, as well as those with extremely limited budgets, may feel that particular realities prevent their adoption of some practices described here—such as class trips or purchase of quality materials, which can be expensive. I know how some teachers have to modify their programs for practical reasons and yet how ingenious they are in upholding high standards. I really believe that the basic philosophy in this paper applies to all facilities for children. All children attending childcare programs benefit from respectful teaching and they all belong to classroom communities, whether they are in family day care or in large inclusive urban centers. My hope is that they will enjoy learning to be together, in whatever setting they find themselves; that they will thrive as individuals; and that they will take good care of each other.