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Thesis - Open Access

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MFA in Dance

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Rakia Seaborn


Does neurodivergence have any effects on dance performance? The goals of this research project are to reflect, analyze, and understand how individual neurodivergence impacts creativity, identity, and the choreographic process. The intersection of dance and disability studies is an ever-growing area of research that is in conflict because of the societal nature of the two concepts. Within the disability studies field, neurodivergence and neurodiversity are relatively new and undeveloped ideas that primarily interact with dance studies as pedagogical areas of interest. There is little attention on the impacts of neurodivergence in dance makers and their creative products in performance. The number of artists actively engaging with neurodivergence as a topic of creative research is small, but provides inspiration and support to future creatives. Through personal narrative, phenomenological and creative research, historical development, and engagement with other art forms, I provide a comprehensive review of the impacts of neurodivergence on a year-long creative research project.

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