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MFA in Dance


Dance Graduate Program


The choreographic process is often described as one of construction, or of making. However, is it possible to understand the choreographic process in another way, as one of discovery? In the course of this project, I propose to illustrate a new understanding of the choreographic process, which I call un-airing . By un-airing , I mean to throw light on the activity of making a dance that is itself already imperceptibly present in a space perceivable to an audience’s sensory apprehension. The methods employed to expose the un-aired work I characterize and illustrate as acts of excavation. Due to the expansion in the contemporary era of the realm of choreographic, the contributions and practices of dance dramaturgs have been incorporated into the processes of excavation, establishing new, dyadic modalities. I elucidate the effects of these new modalities with depictions of the process of excavating and un-airing my 2017 work Venus and Adonis , as well as those to be employed for another, my piece from 2019, entitled Dress Form.