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Thesis - Campus Access Only

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MS in Dance/Movement Therapy

First Advisor

Elise Risher


This thesis explores the integration of poetry in dance/movement therapy, highlighting how rhythmic and linguistic components of poetry can enrich therapeutic practices. Poetry, with its structured rhythm, repetition and profound use of language, offers dance/movement therapists tools for professional development and effective client interventions. The reflective nature of poetry enhances therapists' sensitivity to nonverbal cues and emotional states, crucial for observing and responding to clients in a therapeutic setting. Furthermore, poetry facilitates thematic exploration and personal narrative, serving as a powerful intervention that supports both individual and group therapy sessions. By engaging in poetry, dance/movement therapists can develop a richer vocabulary to articulate complex emotions and foster a deeper connection with their clients. The inherent rhythm and imagery in poetry also assist in sensory integration and regulation, promoting emotional resonance and body awareness.