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Thesis - Open Access

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MS in Dance/Movement Therapy


Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate Program


Through literature review and self-analysis, the article extends the discourse of performance as a valuable component of dance/movement therapy and its impact on the therapist/facilitator. The article presents a comprehensive overview of dance/movement therapy philosophies and principles as it applies to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Implications of such philosophies and principles comprise the disability experience, creative arts therapies as support, dance/movement therapy applications, performance-like elements in dance/movement therapy contexts, Authentic Movement, therapeutic aspects, settings, and goals of performance, and witnessing and mirroring the experience through the therapist’s lens. Based on a qualitative self-study the researcher examines how performance development impacts the personal practice of the therapist/facilitator. Through movement and visual art assessments, the author parallels the therapist’s and participants’ experiences. The article aims to provide informed and experiential evidence of the relevance of performance in dance/movement therapy settings and offers recommendations for its practical applications and further research. The article concludes with the researcher’s critical discussion on findings of the self-study.