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MS in Dance/Movement Therapy


Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate Program


Trinidad is comprised of a unique mix of races including the Amerindians, Africans, East Indians, Europeans, and Chinese. The fusion of these cultures has given the country its unique and extraordinary spirit and identity. Trinidadians are all about keeping up appearances and acting the part, and this may have led to a disconnect between mind and body. The inability to communicate their feelings, and the pressure of maintaining a façade of happiness is damaging the nation. Trinidad’s suicide rate has increased over the years, and the island now has the third highest suicide rate in the region. Carnival, the pre-Lenten festival of music, dance and celebration, plays an essential part in communal exhalation. Introducing Dance/movement therapy to the population who already has an embodied culture will help citizens to be aware of their complete self-state. It would cause a reconnect of the individual's body mind and spirit and give them a sense of wholeness. It will also provide a better connection with others and the universe.