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Thesis - Open Access


Based on current scientific literature, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) genetic tests for fitness capability generally lack validation and have little predictive value. We aimed to evaluate DTC genetic fitness testing companies found through Google searches. Website information including genes tested and claims made by the companies was collected. In total, thirty-one companies were evaluated. Only 8 of 31 companies identify genes being tested and of these 8, only 4 cite any scientific literature. The 6 most common genes tested (MCGT) were ACE, ACTN3, AGT, FTO, IL6, a nd PPARG. The 5 most common claims (MCC) were genetically tailored nutrition, genetically tailored workout, information on injury risk, personalized fitness program, and response to training. Given the lack of information provided by the companies, we cannot fully assess the claims, and can only express skepticism about the limited value of such testing as per the current scientific literature. Therefore, more research is needed to better understand genetic differences associated with athletic traits for the benefit of consumers.