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Senior Thesis - Campus Access Only

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B.A. in Liberal Arts

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Gillian Adler

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Matthew Ellis


Medieval household miscellanies, belonging to people of bourgeois, gentry, or mercantile status, reveal a vision of the family unit in the late Middle Ages. Popular romances contained within these household miscellanies tell stories of noble men and noble women who embark on adventures and ultimately achieve an ideal happy ending. The fulfillment of the hero’s journey in medieval popular romance implies the redemption of his family unit and a return to stability. Due to the nature of varying performances of traditional familial roles, medieval romances reveal more than one redemption narrative, including the overcoming of or the return to family members, and the fulfillment of the family unit’s needs. This thesis aims to discuss the presence and significance of eritage along the hero’s journey and the challenges he must face to reclaim it.