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Thesis - Open Access

First Advisor

Lisa Clair

Second Advisor

Caden Mason


This paper defines iterative performance as a live, time-based project in which multiple returns to the same framework (score, prompt, location, group) at regular intervals fundamentally shapes the dramaturgy of the work. The author asserts that the rhythm of regular returns inherent to iterative performance offers an alternative temporality that resists dominant, capitalist and heteronormative modes of living and making art, and creates the conditions for distinct artistic possibilities. Chapter 1 outlines the theoretical frameworks for this argument and introduces three key ways in which iterative performance is able to achieve the aforementioned goals. Chapter 2 explores three case studies through interviews with the artists, textual research and first-hand experience. The chapter concludes with two appendices, one a composite interview with Alex Torra and Iris McCloughan about The Sincerity Project , the other a partial index of contemporary iterative performance projects.