Martes Trece

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Thesis - Closed Access


Martes Trece is a blend of urban fantasy and contemporary fairy tale, told using folklore, mythology, and superstition from the Dominican Republic.

Aurelia has been keeping the fact she’s a bruja a secret from her husband, Yoni, because of his contentious beliefs toward the supernatural. However, she’s about to give him a crash course into what her life was like before they met when their newborn gets kidnapped on the order of a more powerful bruja. Her mother.

She’s spent the better part of her life escaping her past, running from fate, and hiding from her mother. But now, Aurelia must journey through Queens to apprehend her mother before she offers up Aurelia’s newborn to the boogeyman known as el Cuco. And she will do anything to stop that from happening. Even if it means once again becoming the bruja her mother conditioned her to become.

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