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Thesis - Campus Access Only

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MFA in Writing

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David Hollander


No to camp. No to quirks. No to whimsy. No to self-indulgence. No to solipsism No to saccharinity. No symmetry. No to a-symmetry. No to capital. No to the collective. No stylization. No to consistency. No to contradiction. No to summer. No to winter. No to linearity. No to performer-spectator relationship. No to ivory towers. No to clever. No to nuance.

Yes to fluxus, art as a collapse of consciousness. I’ll do the thesis at least 3 more times tonight. When I do the dishes. When I walk, with nowhere to go. When I sit, and think about nothing. This thesis will happen in every moment in between those, too.

Outside my window, massive trees are soaked in the sunlight and wind. The sky above them is growing dark, and restless. It’s going to rain. When it does, I will stand outside and get wet.