Certain Logic

Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis - Closed Access

Degree Name

MFA in Writing

First Advisor

Kate Zambreno


Certain Logic is a collection in which an unnamed narrator observes and experiences the world and relationships that surround her. This collection sets out to explore passivity and ambiguity. It is meant to blur the lines between reality and dreams, between the internal and external. While writing this collection, I was drawn to the idea of strangeness and alienation and how they manifest themselves through spaces and people. I mention Airbnbs, staying at a partner’s parent’s house, weddings, and trains. I also am preoccupied with transactional relationships and relationships that are frayed or ending. In all these spaces, whether they are physical or emotional, the narrator finds herself isolated and tries to make sense of everything happening around her. The collection is concerned with what it means to exist within a system that renders one, at times, powerless. Instead of actively choosing to resist, the narrator explores the idea of relinquishing control while maintaining perspective.

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