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Denisha Jones

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Jerusha Beckerman


When the No Child Left Behind Act and then the Everyone Succeeds Act were signed into law, our educational system began to function on the notion that education is merely preparation for standardized tests. The high-stakes nature of standardized-tests has pushed the narrative that this form of education is what makes children “successful” in life. Under-performing schools are in jeopardy of losing funding and face the possibility of school closures. Our educational system tells teachers they must participate in the “banking model of education” to avoid the blame for the possibility of these repercussions. Paulo Freire describes it as the approach to educating that turns children into “containers,” into “receptacles” to be “filled” by the teacher. This approach tells teachers they must exert their power over students so “real learning” can happen. Amidst the fixation on preparation and conformity, we neglect to see the harmful effects these approaches have on children.