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Jerusha Beckerman

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Emily Cullen-Dunn


This paper focuses on approaching science education through a lens of hands-on learning. Through observing different teaching environments that allow for this hands-on learning to occur, I hope to shed light on the importance of teaching through exploration, forming connections with nature, and allowing children to find a love for science. Children are naturally curious, experimenters, creative, and passionate and learn when these characteristics are met. Science has similar characteristics. Science is all around us. It focuses on inquiry, discovery, and connection. It is in the air we breathe, it occurs naturally without us having to manipulate it. Through centering learning on this kind of practice, children will enrich their learning through interaction and the ability to make science learning approachable. Children deserve the time and space to play, be outside, discover, and question. Through teaching science through an inquiry lens, children will continue to learn holistically and see the whole parts of learning. These are all key components of a hands-on science curriculum, and children deserve the opportunity to experience it.

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