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Thesis - Open Access

First Advisor

Denisha Jones

Second Advisor

Patricia Virella

Third Advisor

Rue Beckerman


Labeling students is a common practice in modern education but it is harmful to the relationship between the student and their learning process. I will first provide a clear definition and provide examples of labeling. I will show however innocuous or scientific a label may seem, it can have detrimental, lingering negative effects on a child’s relationship with their schooling. I will then demonstrate through real-life case studies the experience of students that have both been labeled and have not been labeled, showing the exact labels that were applied to the students, their educational progress, and how the labeling directly impacted such. I propose that a deeper knowledge of the students as a whole will enable educators to provide a more holistic and encouraging environment for all students. Education that takes into account the various traits and qualities of a child without creating a preconceived notion in the minds of teachers, administrators, parents and other students will be a more equal, beneficial form of pedagogy for all involved.