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Thesis - Campus Access Only

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Denisha Jones

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Patricia Virella

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Jerusha Beckerman


I am arguing that it is absolutely necessary for all teachers and administration to see the importance of making all children visible and valued and that they should include this idea into their curriculum plans and teaching practices. Despite the focus on representation, visibility in the curriculum is still lacking. I will detail how visibility is affected by the differences in how children learn, children who have experienced trauma and power dynamics and oppression.

This thesis will aim to express and display the value that all children should be made visible in the classroom. This includes all backgrounds and ethnicities and honors the individual stories of each child and their families. The research I have completed will describe what it looks like for all children to feel seen, valued, and understood through the power of emergent curriculum, the descriptive review process and lastly inclusive curriculum planning. This paper will give an overview of why it is important for all children to be visible inside of the classroom by their teachers and their peers. I will also dive into my own personal history with feeling invisible in school. And lastly, I will conclude with how I plan to create classrooms where all children are made visible.