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MA in Child Development


Child Development Graduate Program


The field of palliative care largely focuses on the needs and support of the adult and geriatric population. In recent decades, pediatric palliative care has grown due to this practice's efficacy in supporting a patient through advanced illness while additionally providing an extra layer of care for the family. While much of the existing literature remains rooted in our aging population, research increasingly illuminates the various biopsychosocial components of childhood illness, the evolving nature of the support given by pediatric palliative care teams, the efficacy of this additional support from a policy perspective, and the future needs of this unique population. The research for my social work internship was personally utilized to provide palliative support tools to various patients and their families while additionally illuminating gaps in service. Personal reflection upon this work and its intersection regarding my own life’s path is presented as my own investment as a clinician within this work and a hopeful champion for its global health benefits and future evolution continues.