Theses from 2023

Blue Light: Stories, Zoe Aarts

The Treasure of El Ciervo, Jonathan Beer

The Poetry of Stars, Alejandra Bello Thomas

Pratfalls for Nobody, Hrannar Björnsson

The Dead Mom Gang: Essays on Grief, Love, and Girlhood, Alexandra Borden


The Nameless, William Cagle

The Tree, Anna Cain

Restraint, Gemma Clarke

Anxiety and Other Mythologies, Zachariah Claypole White

Eddy Line, Kevin Cole

Breed, Jessica D'Ambrosio

It Doesn't Get Hot in the Bay, Melissa Dittrich

Drybloom, Holly Dyer

Childhood Living, Colleen Flaherty

Consider the Yearning, Jeanne-Marie Fleming

Haha, anyways..., Makayla Gay

In A Language I Do Not Speak, Anni Glissman

Heiress to Green, Madisen Gummer

The Window, Lee Hittner-Cunningham

Lest We Forget, Deaundra Jackson

Quiet Life, Small Harvest, Anya Johnson

A Good Girl, Dara Kapoor

Sheer: A Novel, Vanessa Lawrence

To Be Whole, Allison Lax

The Stone Fruit Tree, kristine marx

I Can See My House From Here, Francisca Matos

Anatomy of the World, Celia Meade

Said Another Way, Tangela Mitchell

Bester Wrook, Nora Obeid

Body Language, Sophia Ortega

Yalda's Yield, Arielle Pahlavan

One Summer, I Saw You Every Day, Anthony Ringuette


Tranimal, Maysam Seraji


Four Magically Interspersed Stories, Aviad Shely


Gone for a While, Akhir Stewart

Our Easy Lifetimes, Joseph Sullivan

Abroad: A Memoir of Obsession, Haley Swanson

Fear the Air You Breathe, Kayla Tenhouse

Forrest, Kristen Michelson Vogel

i promise to find you in every lifetime, Tori Walters

The Senator’s Son, Jeffrey Williamson

The Senator’s Son, Jeffrey Williamson

Theses from 2022


Labels in Learning: An Exploration of the Effects of Cognitive, Intellectual, and Social Labels on Connections in the Classroom, Corinne Alexander

Sometimes I Imagine My Country Is Mine, Yusra Amjad


Memoir in Progress, Lily Andrews


Writing and Choreographing: The Double Dilemma of Chinese Immigrant Women, Na An


Tree Clingers, lily arnelll

Colors of Goodbye, Emily Aviles


Script Concordance Testing in Genetic Counseling Training: A Pilot Study, Yakira Begun and Lila Rae Stange


Clinical psychology trainees' perspectives on psychiatric genetic counseling and the genetic contribution to psychiatric disorders, Talia Belcher and Celine Aziz

Megachurchatopia, Josiah Berger

If Not, Yours, Amanda Brauchler

Aesthetics & Politics, Ricky Brown


Aesthetics & Politics: A Brief History of Japan & The US’S 20th Century, Ricky Brown


Transcending Mormonism: Trans and Gender Nonconforming Experiences in the LDS Church, Keith Burns

Perennials, Brynne Calleran and Brynne Calleran


Gestational Occlusion: The Embodied Evolution of Whiteness in the Contemporary White Dancing Body, Eleanor Cherry


A Taiwanese Perspective: Exploring the relationship Between Confucian Body Philosophy and Dance/Movement Therapy, Chiu-Yi Chiang


The World Is Strangely Still, Joseph Coleman


Child Welfare Professionals' Perceptions of Referring Foster Children to the Genetics Clinic, Laura Cooper-Hastings

Permissible Speech, Michelle Cowles


Community and Connection in the Classroom, Denise Crystal

A History of Witches, Jacob Davenport

Judgment of Case #3331722372, Andrew Del Vecchio

The Phantoms of Memory: Mothers and Women in Cinema Following the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, Megan Dolezal


Destigmatizing the Conversation: Collective Visioning of New Horizons for Cultural Capital and the American Arts Worker, Katherine Helen Fisher


The Role of High Throughput Functional Evidence In Reducing-Population Specific Differences In The Quality of Variant Interpretation, Makenzie Fong and Taylor Silkey


Restrictions on Abortion Affect Genetic Counseling Practice: Genetic Counselors in Abortion Unfriendly States Reflect on Current and Impending Challenges, Grace Amelia Getchell and Sofia Angela Horan


"Fight, And If You Can't Fight, Kick; If You Can't Kick, Then Bite": A Comparative History of Afro-Brazilian and U.S. Black Women’s Stories of Resistance, Nicole Hayes


Embodied Self-Care: Cultivating Compassion Through the Art of Surrender, Grace Holden

Just Right, Trang Leslie Huynh

On Silence, Mia Innocenti

Not A Triumph Story, Devi Jagadesan


Saraswati on a Sunday Morning, Kuhu Joshi


A Systematic Review of Conceptualization of Trust in Precision Medicine Research from Historically Underserved Racial and Ethnic Groups and Populations with Disabilities, Chanyong Tina Kim and Revathy Suresh

Burned, Nathan King


If I can't dance to it, it isn't my revolution: The Intersection of Feminist Theory & Dance/Movement Therapy, Paige Kliewer-McClellan


Assessing a Diagnostic Tool for Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Helping Users Find Appropriate Care For a Relatively Common But Often Unfamiliar Genetic Disease, Abby Kosmin and Natalie Laible


Working Witches: Fortune Tellers, Clairvoyants, and Astrologers in the Golden Age of Spiritualism, Grace Kredell

The Aftertaste, Daria Lavelle

Selfish Bitch: Representations of Childfree Women in Media, Academia, and IRL, Laura Lee

Skunk Cabbage, Eloise Lindblom


Missing Heritability in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG) IIn: A Case Report, Tari Little

The Story of Girls, and Others, Stories, Barbara Lock

Forty Weeks and Stories, Rachel Mann


The Conversion to Telegenetics Through the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Accessibility to Genetic Counseling for Remote Indigenous Communities, Kaitlyn Mowat and Caroline A. McCrae


Preschool and the Pandemic: Perspectives on Remote Schooling From Parents and Teachers, Annie Mudick


Bitch Your Life Is Not A Movie, Aléna Muir


Primary Care Providers' Perspectives of Precision Medicine in a Tribal Healthcare System, Katie Neimeyer


A Sharp Increase In The Use Of PGT To Prevent Mendelian Disorders: A Review of Patient Data From 2004-2021 In A Single New York City Center For Reproductive Medicine, Emily Oddo and Hallie Metzger

Coping with Such Significant Matters, Jessica Pavia


Virginia, Lucy, And Me – A Reclamation of Women Writers, Janet Pfeffer


Empty Casino, Amanda Pumarejo


Stressed Out and Stressed In: Regulating the Stress Response at an Endocrine Level through Dance/Movement Therapy, Alicia Randazzo

Think, Understand, Smile, Chinmay Rastogi


The Stream Study: Streamlining The Genetic Counseling Process For Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients, Erika M. Renkes and Tina N. Tran


A Cultural Reckoning in the South Bronx and El Barrio: Intertwined Socio-Political Histories of Salsa and Hip Hop From Local Communities to National Expansion, 1960’s to Early 2000’s, Kenia Rosete

Each Day, Enough Trouble and Other Stories, Tessa Ellison Rossi

Fake Tattoos, Sophia Safdieh


Wide Open Spaces and Close-minded People, Mackenzie Sanders